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The Iron Kingdom - Ark Server Cluster

Four Maps!

Everything is bigger in Texas! Our server cluster is equipped with 5 maps! You can transfer your characters and tamed Dinos freely between The Island, The Center, Scorched Earth, Aberration and Ragnarok!

Full Mods List

The Iron Kingdom has many epic mods that add and enhance various game content. View and Subscribe to the Iron Kingdom's Full Mod Collection from the Steam Workshop to avoid mod download and server connection timeouts.

Server Offline

Server Rules and password.

  • Be respectful and civil toward your fellow players

  • No harassment or excessive trolling

  • No xraying/hacking/cheating. Any use of xray / ore detection will result in an immediate ban and your property forfiet

  • No griefing or block spamming

  • No inducing excessive lag

  • No spam or advertising